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Addaction is a national drug, alcohol and mental health charity. Their primary purpose is to support people to make lasting changes in their lives, and they work with adults and young people, in community settings, prisons, residential rehab and through outreach. Addaction provide a free webchat services 7 days a week to support yourself or get advice for a friend or relative. You can access Addaction’s webchat service on their website.

Webchat Opening Times: 

Monday – Friday, 10am-4pm, 6pm-9pm

Saturday – Sunday, 11am-4pm

Local Support: Sheffield

In Sheffield, Addaction runs two services:

DIP Service: Funded by the Public Health Department, this programme faciliates treatment and provides a service for all adults either completing a statutory order or on a voluntary basis. They offer, Mutual Aid Groups (MAP), including Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Right Turn group for veterans and a weekly art group. For more information and opening times click here.

Drink Wise Age Well: This service works with people over 50 and their families to create a healthier relationship with alcohol. This programme is primarily delivered out in the community and through home visits. Drink Wise Age Well is open 9-5, Monday to Friday.


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