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LASS (Lesbian Asylum Support Sheffield) is a local volunteer run support organisation for refugees and asylum seekers who identify as women or as non-binary and are lesbian, bisexual and/or queer.

They provide support to those who are seeking asylum in the UK and are in the early stages of the refugee process. They can provide practical and emotional support but also signpost to therapeutic services for those who are experiencing any mental health issue or have lived experience of abuse, violence or torture.

LASS’s mission is to run as a micro egalitarian queer community which is led by the experience of queer refugees and asylum seekers in Sheffield. They endeavour to provide a network of familial support to those who are often most ostracised by the asylum system.

Currently members of LASS run ‘rainbow hub’ as part of the weekly Refugee drop in at Victoria Hall Methodist Church (Wednesday afternoons) alongside monthly meetings (1st Thursday of every month, 5.30pm -8.30pm at Together Women). As well as this, LASS also organises social events and gatherings for members and their friends.

For more information or if you would like to attend a monthly meeting, email [email protected]


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